Les 2.0

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The Nevada v Boise St. game was one for the ages, especially if the ages were coached by Les Miles. Nevada did all they could do to out-coach themselves yet still managed to pull off the victory. They started with an extremely porous defense after they tied the game at 24. Then, they mismanage the clock on their final drive and almost run themselves out of time. After converting the TD with 13 seconds to play, Nevada kicks short (almost always a bad move) and Boise has the ball on their own 37 with 9 secs to play. Of course, Nevada gives up a 55 yard pass play setting up the chip shot field goal with 1 second left.

This is where Les would have been proud. Due to the outstanding coaching (and voodoo) from Nevada, Boise misses the chip shot field goal and the game goes to overtime. In OT, after dropping an interception, Nevada forces a FG attempt from Boise which they once again yak setting up Nevada for the victory.

And with that, Les prob had a smile… and a tall one.


Big Wally Style

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Bright eyes stare down the powerful elite of Augusta.

Unreal Golf Digest article on the man, the myth, the legend, William Hatcher, sticking it to the fine people of Augusta National.

Tommy is at it again

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Really good line from Thomas Sowell in his new book, Intellectuals and Society,

“Why the transfer of decisions from those with personal experience and a stake in the outcome to those with neither can be expected to lead to better decisions is a question seldom asked, much less answered.”

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We Want Gravy

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After watching the Fenwick Arms and their legendary Yorkshire puddings and gravy, the missus and I had ourselves a proper British roast. Right.

Mandatory Fairness

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“It is logically impossible to have a game in which both the actions of the players and the final score can be subject to rules of fairness.”

From Benn Steil’s and Manuel Hinds’s Money, Markets & Sovereignty

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Big Babe Tennis

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The Gorillo strikes again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Big Babe Tennis“, posted with vodpod

Changing the Weather

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We think back to people dancing around a fire doing a “rain dance” in hopes that it will bring rain. Somehow, it is easy for everyone today to see the stupidity in that, but most see nothing wrong with tossing away billions an billions of dollars in present times to basically “change the weather.” Increased stupidity, such as this, does not help the argument for human evolution.

We might as well throw all that money in the fire and start doing the dance, as the effects will be the same and at least we could roast marshmallows.