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Mike Emrick or Lady Elaine

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As Jim Rome often says on his radio show, it is not appropriate to take shots at one’s physical appearance.

But i simply could not help but notice that Versus hokey play-by-play announcer Mike Emrick, whom I greatly enjoy listening to, looks like some sort of a cartoon character. I kept thinking it was sort of a Pinnochioan look until it finally hit me….none other than her royal highness Lady Elaine Fairchilde.

The web is so useful as an aggregator of funny observations or amusing clips etc., so I was very surprised to google these two separated at birthers and see no one else had published this uncanny resemblence. So all can rest easy that if you are searching to find out if someone else has noticed that Mr. Emrick looks like that puppet lady from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, the answer is yes.

I would think Lady Elaine would drink something in the high alcohol content department judging by those rosy cheeks of hers, so tonight raise a glass of homemade moonshine to her.



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I was fortunate enough to have been at home working on some things on the computer during the annual Jim Rome Smack-off. As much as I have heard Romy over the past 12 years this was the first full edition of the Smack-off I have heard. Rome, who i thought did the appropriate judging in giving the title to “Iafrate” who was head and shoulders the winner in my book. His take slamming Joy Mohr, Doc Mike Di Tolla, Shrutebag and many others was smooth, accurate and most importantly funny. I also particularly enjoyed Joe from the O.C, Greg in Vegas, and Doc Mike as the top 4. Nevertheless, hands down “Iafrate” (is he really a jewsish rabbi) was the cream of the crop. I will take a sip of my Tetley’s pint to you sir. Good Night Now

Noonan on Clinton

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like a small man with...was catching up on some political goings-on, and nearly doubled over when i was reading Peggy Noonans most recent article. She said of Clinton’s appearance perhaps changing in the future…”Gone will be the pantsuits that made her look like a small blond man with breasts.” now that my friend is a zinger. nice one Peg

Food Fest

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Well folks, QVC aired Food Fest for 2 hours with Bob Bowersox (a little too arrogant for my taste) and the holy grail himself David Venable. David is simply the finest host on television and its not even up for debate. I thought i would muse over some of his great lines tonight. Here is a rundown of the products and some of the beauties from DV

Stuffin Gourmet Meatballs “This Honker can smell it from a mile away”-David coming from off-set to interrupt Bowersox presenting the dish

David then joined the always popular Pitmaster Robert Moye from Corky’s. they were flogging some special sauce tonight so David opened up with the tried and true line “if you go to memphis (Corky’s flagship) and ask for Barbecue ribs, they’ll look at you funnny” in reference to only finding these ribs at the Q

“thaw ’em up, heat ’em up and eat ’em up”

David then talked about the great portion sizing of the ribs (8 separate 1/2 lb portions) “how many times do you make ribs and the kids say ‘mommy i cant eat all this’.” …I really have no recollection of not eating ribs nor can i recall too many kids not eating ribs. Normally they end up wearing half of them and getting it all over themselves, either way you can certainly give them as little or as much as you desire so whats the packaging difference. Nonetheless, nice one Dave.

And once again DV could not stay away from the innuendo as he asked the Pitmaster “you like to do something with these (ribs) called the twist and slide”

Up next were Mrs. Prindable’s caramel apples “This is for the nut lover.” ok, so this would ordinarily be fairly innocuous but from David come on. then he had a gem as he asked a caller “Why the nut sampler? are you crazy over nuts?”

David broke into musical theatre before introducing Kim and Scotts pretzels, singing “Chicago, Chicago. Pretzels, Pretzels”

David wrapped up his final product by hocking the trusty Kansas City Steakburgers and let out one of the best quotes of the night …”Im sorry, God is in His Heaven when i have a bacon cheddar burger”
he then had a bite and proceeded to dance a jig

All in all a terrific thursday night spent with David and he will be back on Saturday. Please mark your calendars for this Saturday for Dining with David special. He will be presenting with his mother for a special Mother’s Day edition. Until then raise a nice white whine spritzer to Sarah Venable, the mother of David

Full Irish

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I really outdid myself with a little late breakfast today. thought you might all enjoy a snapshot of the full irish. A couple fried eggs, homeade hashbrowns, irish sausages, broiled tomato, and buttered toast. washed that bad boy down with a nice cup of bean. raise your glass to ireland for this one.

The Full Irish

Edie Beedee

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The Little Munchkin. Video Courtesy of Mimi, the master of Web 2.0

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