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Sunday Conversation

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Ilarussamug2.jpg cant seem to get enough previews of the upcoming Sunday Conversation from the WWL interviewing the holy trinity of self-absorbed, cranky, sour, knight2.jpgcrotchety, ego driven, old men; none other than Bob Knight, Bill Parcells and Tony LaRussa. There may be a set of 3 friends in this world who I would I would detest to spend any time with more than these 3, but as Jay Bilas would say…’I haven’t seem them.’ I suppose the one way to to increase the unpleasantness of the 3 and truly make it as almost the spawn of Satan would be to substitute Belichik in for Parcells…
…In a way Parcells comes
off looking like the jovial
one surrounded by
these two.

And while I am on the topic of having the spend time with these 3 comedians, what in the world has poor Rece Davis done in his life to deserve having to host shows spend an evening with Knight, LaRussa, and Parcells; work March Madness with Knight, Vitale and Digger; and then also spend the entire football season having to put up with Lou Holtz and Mark May. For the love of all things great and small, give the man a raise. I think he is one of the best studio hosts the WWL has but the man is going to end up taking his own life soon if he has to take on any more windbags.

I will raise a giant glass of the finest Champagne on offer to Rece Davis. Godspeed Rece


Best Jackass Period.

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No idea why i was watching it in the first place, but happened to see a segment of BDSSP with John Calipari on there Tuesday night.


Calipari was at his teams practice and happened to have his son there. He said that his son wanted to play for him but unfortunately he had a body like Chris Rose.(a harmless and funny joke by the kids own father; the kid was a little short and a little chubby) They then watched his son shoot a free throw and afterwards John Salley said “your son doesnt look like Chris Rose, he looks like Shrek” … there was a stunning akwardness afterwards and it was about the most inappropriate thing i’ve seen in a while. nothing like making fun of some 11 year old kid by telling his dad on national tv ( was FSN) his son looks like Shrek.

Raise your glass tonight to John “Spider” Salley. a world class Jackass

More Madness

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ncaalogo.jpgsome brief thoughts about the last two days…

Duke = Fraudulent

Georgetown as I commented earlier, was hosed along with Gonzaga by the tournament committee. Having said that, inexcusable for the Hoyas to choke away that big of a lead in the second half. I believe if i had been coaching I would have made sure Curry didnt beat me. thats just me

I think the winner of Tenn v Louisville makes it to the Championship game.

Get ready for the games on Thurs and Fri, the two best days of basketball all year. i will be at harwell’s watching in HD.

The First Days of Madness

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The majority of the NCAA basketball tournament is now over with 32 games in the bag. (although many of them were far from being competitive)…early thoughts on the tourney – duke managed to be duke by ousting a scrub team without being “leave it to beavered” for two years running. S. Alabama and Baylor also confirmed most peoples inclination that neither team had any business making in the tournament.

I managed to catch nearly all the games on Thursday and unfortunately missed most of them on Friday so of course i got the day with no upsets and missed the “Tampa Turmoil” as the schticky pundits call it. lets talk about Tampa

1.WKU over Drake. yeah its an upset, but come on Drake hast even been in the tourney in about 70 years. Unbelievable finish, but how big of an upset was that. really.

2. Siena over Vandy. this one was a surprise. if there is anyone left on the planet that didnt know, Seth Davis predicted this one. Well he may have a broken hand from patting himself on the back, but credit to him anyway as I didnt think they would do it and in impressive fashion.

3. Sand Diego over UCONN. another shocker for me. am i the only one who wished Jimmy Calhoun would stop coaching and just do post-game interviews as a full time job?

4. Villanova over Clemson. hardly a remarkable 5-12 upset. I think we all had a feeling that if the game was close late Clemson would find a way to be Clemson.

And shouldn’t we all toast a drink to the tournament committee on behalf of Gonzaga. Thanks for the #7 seed first of all, and a chance to play a Davidson in a de facto home game for the Wildcats the #10 seed. I am sure Georgetown appreciates that too as the #2 seed.

Anchor v. Reporter

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Here is some enjoyable video involving some very crusty, crotchety old white guys. While the two interviewees are none too pleased with each other it is nothing compared to the contempt the old fogies show; and the end of the video is beyond brilliant. The animosity and anger these two guys news guys have for one another is hilarious. Ron Burgandy would be proud.

we should all raise a glass to these two beauties tonight.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from

March Madness….Onions

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Raftery Pic

The draw is now set. Somehow Someway UGA has rear-ended their way into the field of 64 (just as Division 1A will always be called 1A, so will the pathetic play-in game be referred to as a play-in game.) Regardless of how the Dawgs fare in the Big Dance, my basketball viewing is satisfied for at least the next 5 years with UGA winning the SEC tournament. The icing though was hearing Mr Raftery call the game even teasing us with a ‘send it in’ and an ‘onions’ call. Raise your glass to him tonight.

Duke continued their streak of being over-seeded, well done KraZooskee. Bob Knight was making a jackass out of himself as usual on the ESPN broadcast … there should be plenty more of that to come in the next couple weeks.
Printable March Madness Bracket

The Little Man’s 3rd Birthday

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Good time had by all at birthday number 3. the morning was spent at Ready, Set , Jump.

We followed that up with some seafood and relaxing at the house. 3 cheers for Elijah and dont forget to tip your glass to him tonight