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Opening Saturday

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Nothing like the feeling of exhaustion after watching far too many hours of college football. My initial thoughts are as follows.

The Dawgs looked solid on the first half and coasted to a victory. I think they will put if on Central Michigan next week, at least I hope so since I will be in attendance.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rich Rodriguez take the gas in his opener with Michigan.

The ACC is utterly atrocious.

The SEC looks really scary and UGA would be doing very well to lose only 2 games this year.

Tommy Bowden is who we thought he was.

Mark May needs to reconsider his “objective” pick of Pitt to win the Big East.

Lou Holtz is an idiot.

Rece Davis is a poor soul.

The coaches pass still work.


ESPN is Pathetic

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ESPN is the most frustrating company that comes to my mind. They remind me of a great talented athlete who does everything he can to minimize his ability. Time after time, ESPN never disappoints to disappoint. The most recent example of this was their piece of Sportscenter last night involving the 2004 Olympics and the bronze medalist from the Marathon who was accosted by some whackjob Irishman in a kilt. Instead of simply praising the runner for his courage and attitude, ESPN gave that Irish lunatic a good 5 minutes to espouse his idiotic views of Christianity and sports. That nutcase was given a platform to explain his behavior and how God called him to do it. Great going guys, now every crazy person out there wanting to make a statement can know there is a reprehensible company called Disney that will give them a chance to get their own piece on a Sunday night Sportscenter.

Go drink some sour rotten milk ESPN, you jerk of a company


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I’m not sure who may be offended more by this, but had anyone ever noticed the broadcaster Tim Ryan and sportswoman Billie Jean King seem to be the same person?

iPod Touch

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I am now the proud owner of an 8gb iPod touch. I realize that these things have been out for about a year and all the hype is now on that new ‘3G iPhone’, but who needs to hear any more on that nonsense. I am enjoying many of the functions on this thing and others are driving me nuts.

I am somewhere in between a PC user and a Mac fan who is fairly adept at computers,  so this should be a pretty unbiased assessment from an average typical user.

Here is what strikes me after a week or so.

The good:

User interface – unreal. Second to none that I have ever seeen

Screen aesthetics – simply gorgeous and again I have never seen Mything better.

App Store – although, with jailbroken apps, who knows.

Email – Imap – reading Email is seamless and painless.  I would like a search function though for email.

Integration – very nice. Especially when viewing a photo and just needing to tab a button and email the photo. Similarly, sending a link from a web page or adding a wep page to the home screen are seamless.

…and the Bad

Integration – those same things that work well together within the device are flat out iritating when using something externally. I am a part time Mac user with most of my calendar and anything else syncable on a PC. It is downright annoying that Apple assumes (which they obviously know better) that all ipod/iphone owners are Mac users when in reality they are the minority.

Keypad – Terrific for viewing emails, bad for writing. They have come a long way in the virtual keyboard realm but it definitely needs the ability to turn to landscape at the very least when typing.

iTunes – I hate DRM music. plain and simple. It stinks. stinks. If i am on another computer and want to put something on my iPod Touch, I find it utterly ridiculous to not have that option. I find it even more ridiculous that pathetic iPod owners and Mac apologists have tolerated this for so many years.

Overall, its alot of fun and a beautiful piece of hardware and a joy to own. I still will never own a standard iPod since that is the exact thing i hate about the  Touch. But the wi-fi and some of the cool Free apps (including this particular WordPress app I am using) make it good enough for me.

I’ll take a sip of Pinot Grigio for all of you snobby Apple folk on behalf on the Touch.

Summer Sebattical

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It always amazes me that the more free time I have, the busier I seem to be. Well, that has certainly been the case with my blogging over the summer. Anyway, back to the grind and trying to amuse myself by writing some things down. I don’t plan on trying to recap 3 months in one outrageously long post, so I will simply write whenever I recall something that amused me or whatever. Other than that I will try my best to make some other useless observations along the way. Here is a shot taken from my month spent with family in Stockholm, Sweden. This day was one of the highlights of the summer spending it with the little guy at the amusement park Gröna Lund.

Clean Living.