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iPod Touch

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on August 9, 2008 by send it in

I am now the proud owner of an 8gb iPod touch. I realize that these things have been out for about a year and all the hype is now on that new ‘3G iPhone’, but who needs to hear any more on that nonsense. I am enjoying many of the functions on this thing and others are driving me nuts.

I am somewhere in between a PC user and a Mac fan who is fairly adept at computers,  so this should be a pretty unbiased assessment from an average typical user.

Here is what strikes me after a week or so.

The good:

User interface – unreal. Second to none that I have ever seeen

Screen aesthetics – simply gorgeous and again I have never seen Mything better.

App Store – although, with jailbroken apps, who knows.

Email – Imap – reading Email is seamless and painless.  I would like a search function though for email.

Integration – very nice. Especially when viewing a photo and just needing to tab a button and email the photo. Similarly, sending a link from a web page or adding a wep page to the home screen are seamless.

…and the Bad

Integration – those same things that work well together within the device are flat out iritating when using something externally. I am a part time Mac user with most of my calendar and anything else syncable on a PC. It is downright annoying that Apple assumes (which they obviously know better) that all ipod/iphone owners are Mac users when in reality they are the minority.

Keypad – Terrific for viewing emails, bad for writing. They have come a long way in the virtual keyboard realm but it definitely needs the ability to turn to landscape at the very least when typing.

iTunes – I hate DRM music. plain and simple. It stinks. stinks. If i am on another computer and want to put something on my iPod Touch, I find it utterly ridiculous to not have that option. I find it even more ridiculous that pathetic iPod owners and Mac apologists have tolerated this for so many years.

Overall, its alot of fun and a beautiful piece of hardware and a joy to own. I still will never own a standard iPod since that is the exact thing i hate about the  Touch. But the wi-fi and some of the cool Free apps (including this particular WordPress app I am using) make it good enough for me.

I’ll take a sip of Pinot Grigio for all of you snobby Apple folk on behalf on the Touch.