Richmond Pit Stop


So we settled on the Bagel Czar for breakfast, unfortunately their website stated they opened up at 7 rather than 8 which was the case. We found some other dodgy diner called 3rd Street Diner which was disgusting. After slurping our coffee and waiting more than 15 minutes on a bagel (being the only customer in the joint) without being spoken to, we told the staff we would simply pay for the drinks and be on our way. By this time it was close enough to 8 to go and wait for the Czar to open. The Czar is a mix between a punk night club and Challah maker. The bathrooms certainly leaned toward the night club. I went for the sesame bagel with scallion cream cheese and mjp decided for the everything bagel with plain cream cheese. Very tasty bagels helped deal with the long nihgt before and the long day ahead. the third member stayed in the van to sleep.


Go figure.


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