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ESPN is Pathetic

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ESPN is the most frustrating company that comes to my mind. They remind me of a great talented athlete who does everything he can to minimize his ability. Time after time, ESPN never disappoints to disappoint. The most recent example of this was their piece of Sportscenter last night involving the 2004 Olympics and the bronze medalist from the Marathon who was accosted by some whackjob Irishman in a kilt. Instead of simply praising the runner for his courage and attitude, ESPN gave that Irish lunatic a good 5 minutes to espouse his idiotic views of Christianity and sports. That nutcase was given a platform to explain his behavior and how God called him to do it. Great going guys, now every crazy person out there wanting to make a statement can know there is a reprehensible company called Disney that will give them a chance to get their own piece on a Sunday night Sportscenter.

Go drink some sour rotten milk ESPN, you jerk of a company