Espresso Machine

One of the things which I have wanted for some time but always put off buying was an Espresso Machine. A couple weeks ago, I received a terrific starter machine Care Ariete 1375 as a gift (which was sort of self-selected from Amazon at the bargain price of $109.99, a $200 value). After having it for a weeks, I am wondering how in the world I ever got by without one. As far as my barista skills go.I am doing rather well with the espresso portion, but since I am no purist and must drink it with some form of milk, the heating and the foaming of the milk is equally important and a bit tougher for me to master. I will continue practicing and already have my eye on the rancilio for my next upgrade. Here’s a sample of one of mine. Take a nice sip of a freshly made Latte, I know I will.


One Response to “Espresso Machine”

  1. so what, a normal expressomachine and a cup of coffee. everybody can do that!!!!!!!!!! Ha, Ha, i´m jokin, but really nice one still not a highlight for me. you can discuss that with micky. see you and say hello to linnea. Your favourite eldina

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