Buzz Business

I honestly do not think I could read any more material about the fallout between Buzz Bissinger and the entire Internet Community following his performance on CostasNow. There are plenty of places to watch the entire episode which turned into Bissinger basically shouting and swearing at Will Leitch of Deadspin, as well as Bob Costas using words like ‘invective’ as much as he could. There are some very well written reactionary accounts to the whole episode. Some interesting ones… “The Office” writer Michael Schur (also part of the intro on Costas), Joe Posnanski who has admittedly idolized Costas, as well as a MSM’er Ray Ratto, and many, many other places.

My view is similar to those linked above as I am quite sure the uninformed, ignorant view will show itelf to be just that in a very short amount of time. It is a shame that Bissinger could not have come off as thoughtful and pensive as he did in his interview with The Big Lead. I have absolutely no porblem whatsoever attacking a particular blog based on its own merit. I dont even have so much of a problem with Bissinger calling out Leitch for salacious photos he may post on Deadspin. My main problem is the elitism that is behind those such as Mike Wilbon and anyone else ignorant enough to believe that writing is meaningless without “credentials’ to back it up. I think Bissinger was more or less out of control and wholeheartedly uninformed and I take him at his word in the follow up interview which seems to portray that. I certainly do not think he did a 180 simply to appease the masses, after all he certainly appears to be a man of gumption if nothing else. Wilbon, and those of his ilk however,
are much more ruthless and demeaning in their analysis of “bloggers.” They know better, are informed, and just flat out believe they are better than anyone else lacking those holy “credentials.”

Wilbon, you are a coward who lies behind the clebrity and status of your job, which is absolutely within your rights. You certainly are not an expert on race nor on content management and any new medium which may be used. I wonder how Wilbon would feel about an young inner-city african-american guy who has amassed quite a readership through a blog because of solid writing without the pomp of a Northwestern credential.

good riddance


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