Mike Emrick or Lady Elaine

As Jim Rome often says on his radio show, it is not appropriate to take shots at one’s physical appearance.

But i simply could not help but notice that Versus hokey play-by-play announcer Mike Emrick, whom I greatly enjoy listening to, looks like some sort of a cartoon character. I kept thinking it was sort of a Pinnochioan look until it finally hit me….none other than her royal highness Lady Elaine Fairchilde.

The web is so useful as an aggregator of funny observations or amusing clips etc., so I was very surprised to google these two separated at birthers and see no one else had published this uncanny resemblence. So all can rest easy that if you are searching to find out if someone else has noticed that Mr. Emrick looks like that puppet lady from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, the answer is yes.

I would think Lady Elaine would drink something in the high alcohol content department judging by those rosy cheeks of hers, so tonight raise a glass of homemade moonshine to her.


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