I was fortunate enough to have been at home working on some things on the computer during the annual Jim Rome Smack-off. As much as I have heard Romy over the past 12 years this was the first full edition of the Smack-off I have heard. Rome, who i thought did the appropriate judging in giving the title to “Iafrate” who was head and shoulders the winner in my book. His take slamming Joy Mohr, Doc Mike Di Tolla, Shrutebag and many others was smooth, accurate and most importantly funny. I also particularly enjoyed Joe from the O.C, Greg in Vegas, and Doc Mike as the top 4. Nevertheless, hands down “Iafrate” (is he really a jewsish rabbi) was the cream of the crop. I will take a sip of my Tetley’s pint to you sir. Good Night Now


One Response to “Smack-off”

  1. I wonder if Iafrate is a rabbi. That’s what Wikipedia says and as everyone knows, if it is written there it has to be true. 😉

    War finding your blog via the new related post function!

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