Best Jackass Period.

No idea why i was watching it in the first place, but happened to see a segment of BDSSP with John Calipari on there Tuesday night.


Calipari was at his teams practice and happened to have his son there. He said that his son wanted to play for him but unfortunately he had a body like Chris Rose.(a harmless and funny joke by the kids own father; the kid was a little short and a little chubby) They then watched his son shoot a free throw and afterwards John Salley said “your son doesnt look like Chris Rose, he looks like Shrek” … there was a stunning akwardness afterwards and it was about the most inappropriate thing i’ve seen in a while. nothing like making fun of some 11 year old kid by telling his dad on national tv ( was FSN) his son looks like Shrek.

Raise your glass tonight to John “Spider” Salley. a world class Jackass


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