The First Days of Madness


The majority of the NCAA basketball tournament is now over with 32 games in the bag. (although many of them were far from being competitive)…early thoughts on the tourney – duke managed to be duke by ousting a scrub team without being “leave it to beavered” for two years running. S. Alabama and Baylor also confirmed most peoples inclination that neither team had any business making in the tournament.

I managed to catch nearly all the games on Thursday and unfortunately missed most of them on Friday so of course i got the day with no upsets and missed the “Tampa Turmoil” as the schticky pundits call it. lets talk about Tampa

1.WKU over Drake. yeah its an upset, but come on Drake hast even been in the tourney in about 70 years. Unbelievable finish, but how big of an upset was that. really.

2. Siena over Vandy. this one was a surprise. if there is anyone left on the planet that didnt know, Seth Davis predicted this one. Well he may have a broken hand from patting himself on the back, but credit to him anyway as I didnt think they would do it and in impressive fashion.

3. Sand Diego over UCONN. another shocker for me. am i the only one who wished Jimmy Calhoun would stop coaching and just do post-game interviews as a full time job?

4. Villanova over Clemson. hardly a remarkable 5-12 upset. I think we all had a feeling that if the game was close late Clemson would find a way to be Clemson.

And shouldn’t we all toast a drink to the tournament committee on behalf of Gonzaga. Thanks for the #7 seed first of all, and a chance to play a Davidson in a de facto home game for the Wildcats the #10 seed. I am sure Georgetown appreciates that too as the #2 seed.


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